We can’t afford to let our earth implode with hatred. When we hear the news, or sometimes just look around us, we can see and feel the anger and frustration that so many people are experiencing. Hopelessness runs rampart in pockets of our planet where people feel unempowered. We need to work together, and not against one another if we hope to accomplish a peaceful co-existence and a thriving world.

The articles you read in Pan Aryan are about bringing messages of hope and unity. The basic meaning of Pan Aryanism is taking pride in your specific racial family. There is nothing wrong with allegiances to an ethnic background, but no matter the vast number of differences we have, we can never completely severe the bond that ties us together as human beings. Using this blog site and using Pan Aryan to serve global unity, I write about unity, demonstrations of kindness and triumphs over separatism.

Although pan aryanism has been the tribal norm for a very long time, with the world growing smaller daily through technology, we must look at how it affects the whole. When we take on a righteousness that is often supported by tribal differences we put on blinders. Within the limited mental, emotional and spiritual space those blinders allot us, we carve niches of divisiveness. The articles you read at this site will surely open your eyes to the world of our basic homogeneous nature a little more.

I realize it’s not easy once a negative force takes a strong hold to avoid getting sucked up into the fray. It’s why we have been told that “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for”, because with awareness, we can choose not to get caught up. We can be a contributor to the world delivering it from self destructive attitudes – even if it’s little by little. If the madness is to stop, then I believe that we are the pioneers to stopping it.

I hope you enjoy the articles within this site. Thank you readers for participating in global solidarity as we acknowledge and honor our differences.