World OnenessOne world? That seems like a concept from a science fiction movie called Utopia. As a concept, it’s not available emotionally for the majority of people. I don’t have a stat to back up that statement, but I look around me, watch TV and simply listen, and I don’t get the sense that we are looking out for one another as completely as we can.

I’m a bit of a conservative, but feel that we all, without exception, have the right to the dignities of life. These should hold the basics from plumbing Hamilton, electricity, food, shelter to education and hope. In many parts of the world this is still a far cry from reality. I would hope we are moving in that direction, but sometimes, I think you’ll agree it’s not easy to keep the faith.

In David R. Hawkins’, book Power vs Force, he writes about the energetic value that different people, places and things carry. He bases his studies on years of research and uses applied kinesiology. As a renowned psychiatrist, physician, lecturer and expert on mental processes along with being the author of numerous scientific papers and videotapes, Dr. Hawkins has helped to illustrate the power of the individual and the power of the whole. Needless to say, when working as an whole the unity carries tremendous power. What came out of his extensive research was that when power is used instead of brute force it has more influence to make change. When more people have powerful thoughts, the thoughts act as an energetic unit and can impact an outcome.

The Power of Prayer
Empirical studies on the healing power of prayer have been done that illustrate the repercussion created by focusing human consciousness. An example of this is when groups of people have been enlisted to pray or meditate on the healing of an individual. Scientific research shows that the rate of success in a patient’s healing is higher than when prayer is not involved. Coming together in a focused oneness creates positive, measurable effects on the outcome. Reluctantly, medical science has given way to the undeniable outcomes of using group prayer as an assist in their patient care. Naturally, this isn’t across the board with all medical practitioners, but prayer has become the most commonly used complement to mainstream medicine. It now outpaces vitamins, acupuncture, herbs, nutrition and other alternative remedies. This is more evidence that we affect one another as a whole.

Crime and Meditation
The Police department of Washington DC agreed to partake in a project using group meditation to reduce the crime rate. The crime rate had been steadily increasing when a group of Transcendental Meditators began a 2 months process of meditating on peace. Initially the TM group numbered about 800 people and over the period of the project grew to approximately 4,000. Once again, acting on the premise that we are all one and can influence the whole everyday the concept of peace was taken into meditation by the TM group.    Oneness MeditationA week after the program began violent crime rate statistics started to fall. Serious offenses like homicides, rapes, aggravated assaults, began to decrease and continued to drop for the length of the time peace was the TM group’s focus.
By the end of the project the crime rate had fallen 23%. Once the project finished, the incidences of violent crime began to rise again.

These are just two examples of how powerful we are when we unite. The results of working as a whole have been evident throughout the history of the world. For better or for worse, we have seen how focused intention has brought us together. We can choose to affect change in a positive way. Our planet needs us now to be the guardians and stewards of peace, health and prosperity for all.

Tell me what you have noticed about the unity of thought and practice in your life. Leave a comment below.

Focusing As One
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