onenessOne of the biggest issues keeping us from attaining Oneness is the overriding feeling of unworthiness. I’m speaking in general terms, but the majority of people have issues of self worth. Studies show that the higher your personal self-esteem the more giving, loving and compassionate you become.

Famed psychotherapist and author of numerous works on the subject of self esteem, Nathaniel Branden is quoted as saying “[I] cannot think of a single psychological problem – from anxiety and depression, to fear of intimacy or of success, to spouse battery or child molestation – that is not traced back to the problem of low self-esteem” With a sound attitude towards one’s self it becomes basic human nature to care more for others. On the other hand, don’t confuse having high self-esteem with narcissism or ego aggrandizement that you put in a party bus Fayetteville NC and tout around town. I’m referring to a balanced, healthy form of self-esteem.

Oneness is defined as uniting with our Source; to become One with the Divine All That Is. In achieving Oneness we awaken to the God within and within all around us. We possess a knowing that we are part of a greater energy. It is not something that can be put into words. To rely on the limited use of vowels and consonants to describe the limitless, is simply impossible. Awakening to our Oneness has humanity will be the key to our advancement and continued evolution. In pursuing our current path of separatism we will weaken the very foundation that humanity is built on.

We deserve to thrive. Self esteem, self worth, self integrity all have the potential to translate into compassion. When we value ourselves, and are open to giving to and receiving from those we see as a part of the Whole we take steps toward Oneness. Within Oneness we are not depending on being separate to define who we are. There is no separation between me and you, or us and them – we recognize that we are all a part of the whole. What affects someone in the Ukraine, for example, affects someone in Uruguay. We may not be aware of how, exactly, but the overall sense of connection is maintained.

With that in mind, think about your hand. Your hand functions as a part of your whole body. If you were to purposely bring harm to your hand, you would be hurting your entire bodily well-being. Your hand isn’t separate from your arm, your arm isn’t separate from your shoulder, or your shoulder from your torso, etc. We name them differently, but they are all a part of the whole. If we take care of one, the other parts benefit. If we neglect or harm one of our parts, the whole is affected. Until we can view the entire human race with this same sense of esteem we sink in disunion.

We have an enormous opportunity through technology to unite. People are connected more than at any other known time in the history of our planet. Social media alone connects like-minded individuals in ways that have brought a sense of Oneness like never before. News travel at lightening speed so when we hear of suffering taking place on the other side of the world, we have the knowledge to make a difference right away. We don’t only come to the aid of others physically, but also spiritually. We react from a place empowerment, selflessness and of wanting to connect, give help. Our own self-esteem recognizes a need within the body of humanity as a whole, and responds.

If we are worthy of receiving aka having a sense of worthiness and a healthy self esteem, then we know how to give. With an aggregated and robust self-esteem driving our actions we unite in global solidarity. When we grok the concept of wholeness and Oneness, we acknowledge that are all of the same body called the human race.

Achieving Oneness as an individual is the ultimate goal, but imagine aspiring to Oneness as a collective. This, in short, will mean the survival of humanity, and our world.

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Self Esteem And Our Sense Of Oneness
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