Self Esteem And Our Sense Of Oneness

onenessOne of the biggest issues keeping us from attaining Oneness is the overriding feeling of unworthiness. I’m speaking in general terms, but the majority of people have issues of self worth. Studies show that the higher your personal self-esteem the more giving, loving and compassionate you become.

Famed psychotherapist and author of numerous works on the subject of self esteem, Nathaniel Branden is quoted as saying “[I] cannot think of a single psychological problem – from anxiety and depression, to fear of intimacy or of success, to spouse battery or child molestation – that is not traced back to the problem of low self-esteem” With a sound attitude towards one’s self it becomes basic human nature to care more for others. On the other hand, don’t confuse having high self-esteem with narcissism or ego aggrandizement that you put in a party bus Fayetteville NC and tout around town. I’m referring to a balanced, healthy form of self-esteem.


Hold The Faith

faith hope loveThe English Theologian, Thomas Fuller in 1650, was the first to record “It’s always darkest just before the day dawneth”. Whatever was going on at that time moved Fuller to commit this phrase to history for evermore. It’s a message of hope when things look so bleak that we’ll grab at any morsel of encouragement.

The truth is, it’s not always darkest before the dawn and the logic is based on whim. Therefore the sole purpose of this quote is to convey optimistic expectancy. If it weren’t such an illogical concept I’d applaud the guy for doing his best to cheer the world up during rough times, but . . . I can’t do it. It’s almost as bad as the time we had water damage Burlington ON after a flood and sewer backup that made the biggest mess you’ve ever seen. That time we used top notch cleaners to take charge with a firm, powerful base of mental, emotional and spiritual operations. We cannot revert to platitudes.


Focusing As One

World OnenessOne world? That seems like a concept from a science fiction movie called Utopia. As a concept, it’s not available emotionally for the majority of people. I don’t have a stat to back up that statement, but I look around me, watch TV and simply listen, and I don’t get the sense that we are looking out for one another as completely as we can.

I’m a bit of a conservative, but feel that we all, without exception, have the right to the dignities of life. These should hold the basics from plumbing Hamilton, electricity, food, shelter to education and hope. In many parts of the world this is still a far cry from reality. I would hope we are moving in that direction, but sometimes, I think you’ll agree it’s not easy to keep the faith.


World Peace Day

international-day-of-peaceToday is International Peace Day, also known as World Peace Day. This is the day that the countries within the United Nations officially acknowledge that all people of the earth have the right to live in peace. This year’s theme is Partnership for Peace – Dignity for All. A call for a universal ceasefire is put out by the United Nations to all disruptive factions worldwide. This is only a hope however, and unfortunately not a reality within the most troubling areas of conflict.

I seriously doubt that ISIS, for example, is aware that the world is asking for a day of peace, or even gives a Shiite. Nonetheless, it is far better to call for peace than to ignore its ever present need. This international recognition gives us an opportunity to remember those who currently don’t know peace and brings more focus on how to bring it to them.