faith hope loveThe English Theologian, Thomas Fuller in 1650, was the first to record “It’s always darkest just before the day dawneth”. Whatever was going on at that time moved Fuller to commit this phrase to history for evermore. It’s a message of hope when things look so bleak that we’ll grab at any morsel of encouragement.

The truth is, it’s not always darkest before the dawn and the logic is based on whim. Therefore the sole purpose of this quote is to convey optimistic expectancy. If it weren’t such an illogical concept I’d applaud the guy for doing his best to cheer the world up during rough times, but . . . I can’t do it. It’s almost as bad as the time we had water damage Burlington ON after a flood and sewer backup that made the biggest mess you’ve ever seen. That time we used top notch cleaners to take charge with a firm, powerful base of mental, emotional and spiritual operations. We cannot revert to platitudes.

Recent US news events would have us believe that we are being sucked into a black hole of inhumanity. At face value it would appear that we are losing ground on the peace front. When innocent people are killed because of a single confused mind, it gives us who believe in the spiritual evolvement of humankind, pause. What the heck is going on with the world? Why are people so angry? Why does someone feel the need to act out in nonredeemable rage? Is it because too many of us have “paused” in our belief in the goodness of mankind?

Hold the faith! Here are three examples of everyday people contributing to the greater good. Their actions reflect the behavior of millions more, and energetically far outweigh the darkness that sometimes seems prevalent in our world.We can all stand to learn a lesson from six year old Jayden Hayes. He has made it his mission to bring happiness to as many people as possible. His goal at present is 33,000 smiles. After losing his Dad when he was four years old, and then recently his mother unexpectedly when she passed away, he decided that there was too much sadness.

He doesn’t deny that he is still sad, but decided he was tired of all the sadness. He convinced his Aunt, who is now his Guardian, to help him purchase hundreds of little, bright toys. He purchased little duckies, dinosaurs and small trinkets. His plan was to give them away as a way of making people smile. Traveling into downtown Savannah, Georgia, not too far from where he lives, he does just that. If he sees someone not smiling he’ll go up to them and give them a toy. He always gets a smile from the unsuspecting stranger and he knows he’s helped them feel better.

When kindness is shown very often we are compelled to pay it forward. Now that’s part of human nature we can’t deny. After losing their twenty-two month son, Rees, to a freak accident in the back yard of their home, the Specht family was numb with heartache. Their community and virtual strangers came to give them comfort in the form of good deeds. Out of these acts the Rees Specht Life foundation was born. In the name of Rees the foundation calls on others to perform acts of kindness.

They’ve taken the lessons they’ve learned from their tragic loss and written a book for children teaching them about how their acts of kindness inspire others to also act from grace. The size of the act doesn’t matter, the way doesn’t matter, there are no rules because we all know and recognize unselfishness in any form. It’s about sparking an interest in people to do good, without a catch or expectation. Planting seeds of kindness out of ReesSpecht for Life.

Homelessness is an issue found all over the world. The stories of how and why someone ends up homeless are varied and unique to the life of the person. Everyone has their story. Not many folks want to hear the stories, since on some primal level the homeless scare the wits out of us. Nonetheless, many of those same people want to help. Giving even a little can mean so much to someone in need. An intricate sense of satisfaction is received by giving. The person you give to, gives back to you by simply receiving. Look at this video.

Although he ends on a sour note there are several people that make you proud who to share the planet with. Those immature souls who couldn’t receive, just suffer from pride and confusion. Pride is a very low level vibration. It is one of those that can suck you right into a black hole of spiritual dementia.

It is this writer’s opinion that we are evolving toward awareness. Awareness that we are one, and living it organically creates more of it. Leave a comment below and tell me about your opportunity to give and receive. Contact me if you want me to write an article about your experiences.

Hold The Faith
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